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Hot Air Dryer 

Hot Air Dryer

  • Low fuel consumption
  • Consistent temperature output and drying time
  • Advanced safety features
  • Available for Natural Gas Burner model and Steam Boiler



 Powder Room Premix Line

Powder Room Premix Line

  • Mixing of premix powder for various formulation
  • Online Sieving process to ensure fineness of powder
  • Efficient in power consumption
  • Also comes with a Silo for programmed work flow





 Drying Trays

Drying Trays

  • Manufacturing various type of drying trays
  • Customize size according to requirement
  • Various metal including Aluminum & Metal Frame
  • Customized Plastic or Wire mess netting
  • Durable and Cost effective




Mosquito coils

Mosquito Coil & Mat
for your everyday use and protecting your family

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