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QCI-Quality Coil Industries Sdn Bhd

Quality Coils Industries Sdn Bhd (QCI) (163371-V) has been in mosquito coils business for over 30 years, OEM manufacturing for many of the major brands of mosquito coils worldwide. Through the experience acquired, it has come up with a simpler and more economical product manufacturing system in 1994.

Today, the expansion of QCI Malaysia has enabled it to accommodate the production of 800 million coils and 300 million mats on an annual basis, which is primarily marketed in Asia. New manufacturing facility has been expanded in both China & Thailand. Its continued growth in strength is the result of a virtuous management style emphasizing on customer goodwill and long term business relationships through intrinsic product development (e.g. excellent quality control systems, innovative manufacturing technology, research and development activities.)

MS ISO 9001:2000  REG. NO. AR3199In April 2004, QCI Malaysia have received certification on Quality Management System (QMS) for ISO 9001:2008 Standard, by achieving all the requirements. With guideline from such standard, we are now providing better Quality Control on our products, also better Services Quality to our customer.



YEOHATA Machineries Sdn Bhd (163373-A), a subsidiary of Quality Coils Industries Sdn Bhd, involved in design, invent and manufacturing of fully automated mosquito coils manufacturing machine that runs on Pneumatic System with PLC control. Our YEOHATA Series of Coil Making machine is one of the evident of success in own research and development since 1997. Our continuous efforts in R&D improve and upgrade the present machines. The reliability and robustness of these machines have been proven with more than 100 units sold and commissioned for commercial production worldwide.

In addition to YEOHATA machines, standard mosquito coils and mats products, we also provide solution and supply mosquito repellent sticks, mosquito coils pre-mix powder, aerosol spray and other insecticide products.


Company Objective

To satisty customers requirement in Quality, Delivery & Service.

To deliver with consistency of the highest standards.

Worldwide Customers

Mosquito Coil Making Machines:
Malaysia, India, China, Nepal, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Thailand, El Salvador, Paraguay, Mexico, Indonesia, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Nigeria & Pakistan. (Have sold over 100 lines worldwide).

Mosquito Coils & Pre-Mix Powder:
Korea, Japan, Pakistan, France, Ghana, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Russia, Cambodia, Vietnam, Trinidad, China, Thailand, Honduras.

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QCI - Quality Coil Industries

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